The Top 5 Defense Tactics for DWI Case
A DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania will assess all the facts of your case and then have a lengthy discussion with you about his opinion on your charges. They will inform you how it is going to approach your defense.

The first concern of the people who have been charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) is whether they need to hire a DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania or not. The fine charged for the repeat and first time offenders varies and the amount could be in thousands. It is possible that your license may be suspended and may have to spend some time in jail. These two possibilities can result in severe consequences such as you losing your job and eventually your financial stability. If guilt is recognized by your own plea or a jury trial then the penalty you will receive will depend on the particular state law where the incident occurred.

Some of the states necessitate obligatory jail even if it is your first offence. These are the five defenses that your DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania might consider after the evaluation of your case.

Illegitimate Stop

One of the most common used defenses in drunken driving case is that your DWI lawyer can claim illegitimate stop after he has evaluated the circumstance as to why the police officer pulled you over. You might have a valid defense, if the officer had pulled you over for no valid reason. A probable cause might include easy-to-view defect in the car’s safety equipment, traffic violation or some kind of driving movement that can indicated that you were driving while intoxicated.

Field Sobriety Test Error

Your DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania can claim to get your charges dropped if the arrest was based on an unaccepted field sobriety test. The test done may have been inappropriately administered or the result based on which the arrest was made might have been completely inaccurate. For instance, there is a test called HGN or Horizontal Gaze Nystamagus is frequently challenged for its imprecision in detecting the eye movements that is generally associated with an individual under the influence.

Inaccurate Portable Breathalyzer Test

You would have a valid defense if the arrest was made after administrating an imprecise portable breathalyzer test. Your DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania can question the officer whether he was trained for using the portable breathalyzer, if there were any intervening factors like vomiting or if the device had been subjected to routine calibration or maintenance.

Improper Police Actions

This one has variety of options such as whether the officer who arrested you had dishonored any of your civil rights. For instanceBusiness Management Articles, if there is any evidence or testimony that the police officer acted inappropriately or faked the report.

Blood Test Handled Unlawfully

This is another option that can be used if your blood test was not done properly or if the test was tampered with or mishandled right through the chain of custody. The prosecution has to show that proper standards were maintained so that your blood sample can be used as evidence. The state DWI laws are different all across the US but a professional DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania can evaluate all the technicalities regarding your case and help you in achieving favorable results.

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